Tuesday, August 5, 2008


A quick update on me:

I've had blood drawn, and I underwent an ultrasound and just yesterday a CT scan. They think it's a cyst, but I'm still waiting for the CT scan results to come back to confirm that's all it is. I have a consultation with my doctor on Friday, probably just to refer me to a specialist.

Now, you know as much as me! They don't like to give you too much information. Maybe they're afraid you'll explode.


And I feel fine.


Joshua said...

Jody, you've been on my mind all these days. I'm sorry I didn't call to see how the results came in. Annabelle has been pretty sick with a virus she picked up in the nursery and at the same time, I was down with a monster migraine for 3 days. I have been and will continue to pray.
(Annabelle is much better now.)
love you so much!

Joshua said...

Oops, didn't realize Josh was signed in.
It's really me!

Joshua said...

Ugh! I thought I fixed that. . . . still me!