Friday, August 22, 2008

Wanna see? ***Warning: Graphic Medical Photo

I'm still recovering. Feeling a little better sometimes, a little worse others.

You know, healing pains.

Did I tell you that I sent my camera into the operating room with one of my nurses? She took some pictures of the mega-cyst they removed from my midsection.

I was curious. Maybe you are, too?

Can you believe this thing?

I was seriously wondering why my pants kept getting tighter. I think I figured it out.

What do you think?


grandma Carol said...

BOB& Carol

silent_ramblings said...

That's bigger than any softball I've ever seen. Wow.

Keep off your feet so you can heal! I know it's hard to do, but it's got to be done.

You and the family are in our prayers! Love you guys!

jodyfoznot said...

Carol and Dana,

Thanks again for your prayers! Yeah, it was bigger than they originally thought. By a lot. But then she didn't have to make as big of an incision as she originally thought either. (Though I still have about 30 staples railroading their way from my navel south.)

I'm trying hard to take it easy. I'll get a mini-burst of energy, but then I pay for it big time if I'm up too long. I'm trying to find a good balance. Yesterday, just getting up to have supper with the family about did me in.

I'm having trouble sleeping at night now. The room just spins. And I'm not even taking the Vicodin. I couldn't fall asleep last night until 5:00 a.m.

Dana, your offer to come all the way back here to help me makes me feel so loved and I really appreciate your friendship. My mom is happy to stay for as long as we need her, so God is certainly providing the care that I need.

Love you guys!

Jenny said...

Unbelievable (the picture)! That's wonderful that the incision was smaller than originally thought. My incision had to be extended during surgery because it wasn't big enough. I remember the staples. But I don't remember them hurting when they took them out. Still praying for you and your precious family. Find comfort in knowing that you and Rob are in the middle of God's perfect plan for your lives as he prepares to leave.

More later...

Elijah, Adrielle, and Ezra Rhodus said...

We will be praying for a fast recovery for you and for all that God has in store for your family in the coming months. Jamie has been keeping me updated :) Texas sounds like a fun place to live. Can't wait to hear all about it!

maggieinbrandon said...

As a Health Care professional, I can honestly say that is quite remarkable! I bet that is the best one day diet you have ever been on!! How much did that weigh? And you were thinking about holding off on this? Please! How could you breathe?
Let me know what you and Rob's plans are concerning the Navy. When is Rob leaving? Where is he going? (OCS??) When you are moving, and what your immediate needs are. (Seriously!) Jody and I would love to help meet some of these essential needs so that you can just rest and heal :-)
Blessings ~ Colleen

Summer said...

Holy cow that is huge! I have seen a lot of cysts in my day too! I can say this now since you have had ample time to heal! Glad you are well.