Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Horse Show!

I'm so proud of my little cowboys. They did so well! Suzie, too. There were some beautiful animals there at the fair, but I gotta tell, Suzie was still the most spectacular looking to me. She is just a gem. The day after the fair we drove her out to my brother's, who is graciously boarding her for us until we get settled in TX and can get her down there.

Caleb was asked: What are you most excited about moving to Texas?
His response: Getting Suzie back.

Ditto, buddy.

Caleb doing showmanship.

Gabe so adorably waiting for his turn.

Gabe doing showmanship.

Caleb showing in the "lead line" class and blowing his mama a kiss as he passed by in the show ring. Please don't let him outgrow that, Lord!


Two cute!

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jeny said...

What a wonderful post! I'm so glad you get to have Susie with you when you move.
Good job boys!
LOVE the last picture . . . priceless!