Monday, July 28, 2008

Dog Show at the Fair

Gabe did really, really well. Disney...she decided she was not a performing monkey and chose obstinance over obedience. Too bad it was an obedience class...

A rare moment of Disney sitting. I assure you she was looking for an escape route.

The end of Gabe's show. Disney couldn't get out of the ring fast enough.

Getting ready for "long sit and long lay," which Disney didn't tolerate for very "long" at all. Gabe did great, though!!!

"Are we done yet??? Please???" (As soon as they kids lined up with their dogs--after waiting over four hours to show--the announcer for the older kids began speaking and they had to stand still for another five minutes before they could even do the "long sit and long lay" which are two minutes apiece. That's a long time for a little kid and an anxious puppy!)

Gabe and Disney showing off their "Everyone-Wins-In-Pee-Wee" blue ribbon.

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