Sunday, July 27, 2008

On Dusty Trails

Okay, so Friday my doctor found an "abdominal mass" the size of a softball parked in my midsection.


At least I have something to blame for my tight pants. Honestly, I've been trying to shed a few pounds for the last month, and nothing fits looser like I had hoped.

Double Blah. All that sacrifice for nothing!

I actually knew something weird was going on, hence the doctor's appointment. I'm waiting for blood tests to come back Monday or Tuesday and then I have more tests Thursday and possibly Friday.

I appreciate prayers.

This news came minutes before we got THE phone call telling us that we're going to be moving to Texas. (You did get that last post, right?)

We're thrilled. TX was our first choice.

Bring on the Tex-Mex.

I'll keep you all updated on our many happenings! God's timing is always perfect, and we are resting quite comfortably in His very capable hands.


Stacey said...

Oh no! I will certainly keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Good luck with your move to Texas.

Tammy said...

I will be keeping you in my prayers as you go through the test and get the results.

I am thrilled to hear you are moving to Texas. Let me know when you are headed this way and maybe we can meet up. If there is anything I can do to help. Please let me know.