Friday, April 18, 2008

My hair is that bad?

I hate coloring my hair. I hate the thought of all those harsh chemicals soaking mischievously into my scalp while a cloud of toxins fumes about my face...for 35 minutes. But...I really hate the ornery sprouts of gray hairs that are crowding out my youthful-looking brown ones. I guess having four children and turning 33 next week is to account for that.

So here I sit, with my slimy, chemical-infused hair piled up like a heap of toxic waste on top of my head.

I bet you're wondering what color I chose. Have I gone for a summer blond look? How about a strawberry red to match my youngest son? Could it be warm mahogany to match take me back to my old natural state? Or perhaps jet black to make my blue eyes stand out? And what about streaks?

I'll let you know how it turns out.

1 comment:

jeny said...

I needed to laugh right now, thanks! Actually, I've been finding a few- is that silver or a highlight- this year and I really need to perk up my color too. I keep putting it off though. I miss you!