Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Girls' Day Out

Today Lily and I met my sister Jamie and her daughter Emmaly for a day of shopping (low budget!), lunching and just being together. Every year we celebrate each other's birthdays, which are only six days apart, by spending a whole day together. It's been a LONG time since we've been completely alone without any small ones crashing the party, but today we actually chose to bring our four-year-old daughters so they could spend some time together, too. They were SO cute together, holding hands, skipping, running, draping arms around each other, like long lost sisters.

Jamie and I both had coupons to a local portrait studio, so we even took the girls in for a photo shoot. Don't they look cute? I've been wanting a portrait of Lily wearing her beautiful silk dress we purchased for her in China, but just haven't gotten it done. We did that today, too. Coaxing a smile out of her was a little torturous, but I was pleased with the final results.

And, the sweetest surprise: while we were looking through our portraits, my best friend Jeny walked in! I was so happy to see her and her three beautiful kids! We were so surprised to see each other. I was supposed to go see her Monday, but I had to cancel, and I hadn't yet rescheduled. We hadn't seen each other for months, maybe it's been longer. We do keep in regular contact, but it's not the same as sitting across from her and hearing her laughter and squeezing her hand and seeing her eyes sparkle. I miss her so. Jeny, I'm about to pop an email over to you to reschedule that visit...


jeny said...

My, what beautiful girls!

All morning I had this urge that I had to get out and that I had to go to the mall (I hate going to the mall!) It was as if I was pushed to go into the picture place to check on my photos. Now I know it was the Holy Spirit's prompting so I could run into you. I'm so glad I listened.
Now, I must ask your forgiveness for my tardy birthday wish. You have more coming. Last week tackled me and ran away with my time. But I did not forget you!
I'm tickled that you and Jamie had such a beautiful day to be together and that I could even share a quick moment of it. I felt like I was encroaching on your day! So don't worry, I did not feel snubbed (as if you could ever snub anyone.)
I'm checking my week and I'll email you. I love you!

Jayme said...

Happy Birthday, Jody!! What a precious time with your daughter and your sister's daughter...I hope it was memorable and just what you needed...