Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Under-Appreciated Carnation

You are delicate yet resilient.

You bend with the wind and the rain in silent submission yet raise your face to the morning sun with delight.

You take no notice of your under-appreciation. While lovers head straight for the regal rose, you wait contentedly for just the right person who needs the joy you bring.

You are beautiful, but simple and humble. You give full credit to your Creator for your beauty and trust Him to meet your needs without toil or worry.

Little carnation flower, I want to be just like you.


jeny said...

Carnation was my dear granma's favorite flower. I would love it simply because of that. But it is so dainty, and smells so good!
What beautiful prose for the sweet carnation Jody!
I love the last picture the most, but for some reason there is an iridescence about the middle shot. Maybe it's just my screen but it really is quite entrancing.
love you!

Anita said...

What lovely thoughts! I think I'm going to have to go get myself some carnations!

Jamie said...

I never thought highly of the carnation...til now. Every flower needs an advocate like you! I'm still a sucker for wild flowers. Especially Black-eyed Susans. They take me back to our childhood and Missouri. I love a flower that grows wherever it pleases and always seems to find the perfect place to live. Mostly I just love the countrified look!