Saturday, February 20, 2010


Number of years we enjoyed our minivan: 4
Number of times I thanked God for a reliable vehicle: countless
Number of months it's been paid off: 10
Number of carseats/booster seats it has carried simultaneously: 4 (down to 2 as of last month)
Number of miles we drove the green machine in the four years we owned it: 80,000+
Number of songs sung, giggles laughed, tears cried, reprimands given, naps taken: untallied

Number of hours spent scrubbing and sweeping interior of van: 2
Number of minutes spent writing description on Craigslist (including everything I could think of that was wrong with it, in detail) and posting pictures: 30
Number of inquiries I received in the first fifteen minutes of posting: 2
Number of minutes later that prospective buyer was test-driving the van: 35
Number of miles I walked home vanless, with cash in pocket and license plate in hand: 1

Could that be a record? My head was spinning.

Goodbye little green minivan. May you press on for thousands more miles and keep all the babies who ride in your seats safe and sound.

Hello, big white Expedition. It's all you now.

I can't tell you how glad I am that the car searching, car buying and car selling drama are over.

Number of times I've thanked God for a reliable vehicle: I've lost count again.


Jamie said...

Awesome!!! I can't believe it sold so fast!! Maybe we need to give Craig's List another chance. Cute, cute post!

P.S. Why did you walk a mile?

jodyfoznot said...

Since we live on base, I had to meet the buyer off-base. After he bought the van, I drove it to the gate and handed over the keys there. Then I had to walk home from the gate. God even orchestrated it so that Rob was home and I didn't have to include the kids in any of this!

jeny said...

I so enjoyed your post, Jody. What a relief! What a quick and pleasant answer to our prayers! Here's to the new White Expedition; may it run well and give you many miles and years; may you see at least one teen driver learning the ropes in it's protective road presence. Godspeed big White Expedition!