Tuesday, March 3, 2009

All About Gabriel


I can barely believe it.

Where did those years fly off to? When we brought him home from the hospital, a week after his precarious birth--you can read about it here--he changed the dynamics of our entire family. Caleb became a brother. We became parents of multiple children. Going from one child--who is the center of both parents' attention and devotion--to two children was a big leap, one that was as miraculous as it was difficult. We wouldn't go back for anything in the world!

Quick Gabe trivia: We didn't have a name picked out for him until he was several hours old. He was this close to being named Carter Robert, but he just didn't look like a Carter.

Today we celebrate Gabe and thank God for his precious life.

We've always lived just far enough away from family that it had been difficult to have family parties every year for everybody's birthdays. So even though we sure missed all the aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents, we had a fun time with a few close friends. God has been SO GOOD to provide good friends for our children and friends for Rob and me as well.

Gabe has the most sensitive, precious heart. But he is also all boy. He wrote a joke today, and I'll risk posterity by sharing it with you here:

"Where does an action figure go potty? Give up? A Toy-let."

The funniest part of the joke: he was inspired while taking too long in the bathroom, avoiding his math. Some of the greatest epiphanies in our family have come while spending time on the throne. That's what happens when you live with a houseful of boys.

When he shared it with Caleb, he told him, "Usually Mom just pretends to laugh at my jokes, but this one really made her laugh." That made me chuckle at his perception and start honesty, but I also felt bad. I vowed internally to really laugh at more of his jokes.

Anyway here are some birthday party pics:

*By the way, the big skid marks on Gabe's head--he ran full speed down the sidewalk and tripped. Poor kid!

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jeny said...

Cool cake!!!
Looks like he had a great Birthday. Speaking of 'can't believe', I *really* can't believe Gabe is eight!!! The years are flying by too quickly and I'm hardly hanging on.
Hope his head heals quickly!

Hope you and yours have a beautiful Easter season as well. I love you!