Thursday, January 17, 2008

40-Day Fast::Days 4 thru 10

Last week was really hard. But I guess if this were easy, it wouldn't be of that much worth to the Lord, and I want this sacrifice to be a costly gift to him.

Physically: we're doing just fine. In just the past two days I've found myself having more energy and not feel so whipped. The mornings are a little sluggish, though, and it takes me a longer to get going. I now have to remind myself to drink my water and mealtime cup of juice. Today, I forgot to drink anything until after 2:00 p.m.

Spiritually: we're growing and deepening. We see God's mercies every day all around us. Personally, I feel really close to Jesus throughout the day, like he's following me around, whispering guidance and love into my ear throughout the day. I know he's always with us, but his presence beside me is sometimes palpable. You know how you feel when your spouse is home from work early and your normal routine feels different or perhaps must now become different? How just having him in the house, even if he's hanging out in the office the whole time and you're not even talking, makes your home feel complete and your heart content? It's like that.

Rob and I have had some really intimate prayer times together. My prayers always seem weak and feeble bumped up next to his amazing ones that brim with eloquence, Scripture and faith. But I know God doesn't mind. "The only way to fail in prayer is to not show up." (From "Prayer" by Philip Yancey, I forget the page number.)

And today God has let in a tiny beam of light from a slightly cracked-open door. Ours? We pray on, with our trembling hands on the doorknob.


silent_ramblings said...

I'm glad you found me! I've been keeping up with your blogs. I really look forward to reading about all the happenings and what you're thinking and feeling.

The pile up on I-4 was terrible. I'm so thanking Chad doesn't have to travel that way to work.

We're struggling to get going again. I just posted about it. :D We've had so much time off it's hard to get back into the swing of things. Just gotta keep at it! :D

I know just how hard it is to keep from licking the fingers when making the kids food. We're trying to eat healthier and the kids are, of course, the slowest to make the change. But we're getting there...

Miss you guys!

jeny said...

I'm thinking of you today.