Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Last Post on Lampost

Public service announcements:

#1: I have the best husband ever. More on that later.

#2: This South Texas wind and humidity are brutal to this girl's already confused "Am-I-Straight-Or-Am-I-Wavy" head of hair. Haven't seen a good hair day in days, y'all.

#3: Apparently, when I first started this blog several years ago, the source I used to check the spelling of "Lampost" was not inerrant. Yes, I, with my Bachelor of Arts in English Education, and as a former member of Triton High School's renowned Spell Bowl team, have been living under the dark shadow of a MISSPELLED blog title. Can you even begin to imagine my humiliation? The source I used has scurried away into oblivion, and I'm left with my mouth agape in horror as I face the accusing stares of every other dictionary and spelling resource who did not pass on incorrect information. My sister, who was also a Spell Bowl contestant, noticed, though she failed to red-ink me. She thought I had a good reason for the misspelling. Something quirky and mysterious.

Nope. I just plain old misspelled lamppost. And then didn't notice for years.

I hope we can still be friends.

And this will be my last blog post at A Lampost Flickering. It is time to say good-bye. You can find me in better spirits at A Lamppost Flickering instead. In addition to the gross misspelling incident, Blogger has made new and improved updates, of which my old blog has not been able to partake, so I will enjoy the benefits of a restart. I've imported all my posts and pictures and comments over there in the land of Correct Spelling. Feel free to spell check them as well.

Last announcement, relating to #1 is this:

#4: My husband just gave me the BEST birthday slash anniversary slash Mother's Day present ever. All three of those special days fall within three weeks of one another, and the pressure is on every year round that time. He got an early start this year, and just couldn't wait to present me with his gift.

Okay, so are you ready for me to untie the bow and lift the lid?

A new camera! Oh, and it's not just any ol' picture-taker. It's the one I've been a-pining and a-longing for. I feel like a little kid with a big kid toy. I was so surprised. I may have squealed, "Are you kidding me????" I may have jumped up and down. I may have squeezed the stuffin' out of him. I may still be glowing.

But....oh. I've been playing. And learning. I'm rediscovering the love of photography.

He sooo got it right. I love him for getting me.

So you're now invited to hop on over to Lamppost to see some of today pictures.

Excuse me while I blow out this Lampost for good...


alphabet momma said...

#1 You do have a great husband! He does get you!
#2 Put some gel in it and go curly! Make us fine, limp haired gals jealous!
#3 See how I think of you...you are so smart to me that your misspelled blog title made me think, "wow. she's so cool to be able to have her own word!" You shouldn't have told on yourself! You should have wore that title with pride. Ok...here in the land of Correct Spelling it may seem a bit faddish and time to change to a more in-style look. But I still think you are genius-like even though you spelled a word wrong. After all, you did spell 'cauldron' correctly in spellbowl. I would spelled it w/out the u! See, you rock!
#4 I'm a so jealous, I mean happy for you about your camera! Can't wait to see all the pictures! Perfect gift!!
Love you, my perfectionist (in a good way) sister!

jodyfoznot said...

Jamie, how in the world did remember that I spelled "cauldron" correctly? I was trying to think of some of the words I had to spell, but the only word I could come up with is "sophomore" and the ONLY reason I spelled it correctly is because I studied it in the bleachers just moments before it was my turn to compete! (And to add more tarnish to my crown, I did misspell "gesture." Which I will never, ever misspell again.)

Thanks for being my spelling cheerleader!

ralph74crystal said...

I love you girls...You are both so talented, funny, and I love how you are each others cheerleaders, best friends, and confidants. (yes I had to spellcheck that one wanted to put a u in it. heehee). You make a momma proud!

jodyfoznot said...

Aw, thanks, Mom! Jamie and I are so blessed to have you for our very own lifelong cheerleader. Minus the mini-skirt and air splits. Unless you want to.