Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dx: Fractured

Don't let Mr. Serious fool you. He's feeling fine. As fine as you can be with a broken arm. He says his arm doesn't hurt right now, and he using it to scroll around on some computer games as I type.

Interesting tidbit: attached to his broken arm is his beloved sucking thumb. With the right cast, we may have stumbled upon a thumb-sucking intervention program. (Is that mean?)

I do, really, feel bad that his arm has been broken for three days. But even the doctor was shocked at Seth's lack of pain...or his super-hero level of pain tolerance. Not sure which. He was laughing and smiling and teasing. I can't hang on to guilt too tightly.


Summer said...

Don't hang onto the guilt at all. I saw this all the time in the ER, especially for greenstick fractures. Boys will be boys, and especially become tough boys when they have two older brothers that teach them pain tolerance. ha ha.

In the ER world what really frightened us was parents who ran in every time their kid fell, within minutes and wanted an x-ray. They refused to just watch and wait they literally demanded x-rays. The radiation from all those x-rays can add up in one child and really increase their risk of cancer. I would try to explain this to no avail. It's a lawsuit society. One boy, around Seth's age had 14 x-rays in one year. That is a huge risk. I felt bad for him and his future.

Kudos to you for watching and waiting. Obviously he didn't mind. I am sure he will be getting oodles of attention over his cast to make up for it!

Please Sign all of our names in abstentia :)

jeny said...

Here's to breaking the thumb sucking! (no pun intended. Oh, wait . . . pun is intended)

It could work. Annabelle wore princess Band-Aids on her thumbs all summer to kick her habit. (she was an ambidextrous thumb sucker.) (( yes, I did change the Band-Aids every day )) She is now thumb free and anxiously awaiting her trip to Imagine That toy and education center to pick out her prize.

I hope his arm heals quickly and without complication.
Good thing it's in the fall/winter so he doesn't have to be out of swimming. Wait. Do you swim all year 'round there?

okay, I'm done. Love you lots.
Give that sweet boy a big hug from me and tell him I love him!