Sunday, September 5, 2010

Waving 'Bye to Summer

I took a bit of a bloggy break, but I'm back. I think. I'm sure all three of my readers (I'm counting my mom twice) will appreciate that.

Well, Labor Day has come. Labor Day has gone. Gabe woke up yesterday morning and chirped, "Happy Labor Day, Mom! And I'm the only one who remembered." Meaning, no one else in the family burst forth with the greeting. I'm sure he hoped there would be some kind of gift exchange, but he contented himself with enjoying a day without formal schooling. (In a house of learning, I hesitate to say we had no school, because I firmly believe that much meaningful learning happens way outside the confines of curricula and lesson plans. But that is another blog for another day.)

The kids have been memorizing a Bible verse each week, a verse to correspond with each of our 26 alphabet bits. Maybe the ABC mnemonic will help us to keep those precious jewels from God's Word hidden in our hearts for good.

This week, C is for: "Come to me, you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28." What a perfect, wonderful promise for the week of Labor Day.

So Happy Labor Day! And God's promise of rest is His Labor Day gift to you.

Onto our summer farewell.

We've summered til we just can't summer no mo'.

Except that summer just won't go away here in South Texas.

At least not when I think I need it to.

Don't get me wrong.

We summered good.

And hard.

But all good summering...

...must come to an end.

Bon voyage, Texas Summertime. You were a hottie. I've said my good-byes. I'm going to ignore you now and pretend you're not still here overstaying your welcome.

But I do like that you rub shoulders with winter on your way out of town and tame his blustery heart with your Texan warmth and charm. You can keep on doing that.


Summer said...

Very nice Jody. South Texas, it is beautiful. We loved your weather when we visited. Love the photos, and the action shots of your kids. Love the fact you took them to Disney!

Jamie said...

Yay!! I have stalked your blog spot everyday for the last week!! It looks like the most perfect summer! Love the pictures! The one of Seth....awesome! And the barefeet with your two little 'uns...the picture of summer relaxation! I'm loving the season change right now. It's nostalgic for me. I can't think too hard on it or I get all makes me think another year coming to an end. Weird since 2010 still has 3 months! So excited to start reading your words again! I love you!!

jeny said...

Hooray! you're back :) I think if you're counting your mom twice that you actually have at least 5 readers by my count.
It looks like a terrific summer. And I too am excited to read your words again.
love you :)