Monday, February 2, 2009

Shoot For 2, Put It Through!

Caleb and Gabe are playing basketball this winter with the Morale, Welfare & Recreation (MWR) department and the youth activities center. They were desperate for coaches, so despite our busy schedule, Rob was blessed to be able to coach their team. They love having Dad as coach (on most days!). I'm just happy that they are both on the same team so we only have to go to one game on Saturdays and one practice throughout the week!

They are starting to understand some of the fundamentals of the game, and they both enjoy it greatly. Gabriel is so, so excited whenever anybody of his team scores, just as excited as if he himself shot the winning basket. What an encourager! I'd want him on my team just for that! And Caleb has a smile on his face the ENTIRE game! He loves being part of the action, even if he doesn't get that much ball time.

Neither of them are the superstars of the team. And we're all okay with that. They are learning the meaning of teamwork and following instructions and being aware of the players around them. There's a lot of coordination that goes into playing basketball, and I can already see improvements in that area, too!

I'm having a hard time getting any good action shots. It's a combination of poor lighting and a camera that doesn't handle both poor lighting and action. Maybe I'll try to get some video next Saturday. So far, blogger doesn't like the format in which my camera video tapes, so I'm working out the kinks on that one.

Anyway, I love cheering my little stars from the sidelines. Baseball starts in a few months, and Gabe wants to play. Caleb is still undecided.


vivm2007 said...

Guess who else is playing basketball at the YMCA this winter, Sam and Nate. Ohh...I see a three on three game the next time we are all together. Just don't let him teach them Boxer Ball yet!

TheDana said...

Yay for year-round sports! I'm glad the boys are loving basketball and Jeremy will be so excited to hear they may be adding baseball to the mix! (Do you need some outgrown baseball gear? including shoes and gloves!)
Spring training has already started here. Jeremy had his first pitching practice on Sat. He has a new coach this spring as he's now in the majors. We'll see how the season goes!
Miss you guys!