Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The bird has landed...

...and the mama bird is reassembling the nest.

We made it. The cable guy just left so we have internet...hooray! The movers got here this morning around 9:30, unloaded an unbelievable amount of boxes for about five hours, tipped their hats, and left me surrounded by mountains of items I have no idea where to tuck away. This is the first house we've had that does not have a room designated as an office, so I'm having to redefine our living space. Not necessarily a bad thing, but an overwhelming task, to be sure.

Our home is adorable and we all love it. It's very different having neighbors just a few feet away and a backyard that is barely big enough for the dog, much less four children. But we are adjusting already. I think we're really going to like it here.

Today's weather in Corpus Christi: Warm and sunny. It feels like we're on vacation...for the winter. I feel chilly for my friends and family in the northern midwest who are hunkering down for winter's fury. I wish I could just bring you all down here with us. You'd have to bring your own towel, though, because I can't find mine yet.

Or the coffee filters.

Or the bedding.

Or the vacuum cleaner...which is supposedly coming by freight any day now, along with several other items that would not fit in this shipment.

I would love to send you a few pictures, but we don't have all our computer parts put back together yet.

I just wanted to let you know that we're here and doing well.

We miss you!

I'll update more soon. Back to the boxes I go...


jeny said...

YEAH!!! I was thinking about you all day yesterday and wondering how things are going. I can't wait to see pictures. The weather sounds yummy, but I'm not tired of the snow yet. I'll let you know mid January/February. Did you enjoy your time with family for Thanksgiving?
I miss you too.

Jayme said...

Well, happy landing! God is good. I too, am anxious for pictures. I hope unpacking is a real joy, in this joyous season.

Tammy said...

Hello my fellow Texan :) So happy to hear you made it safe and sound. I was hoping to meet up with you on your way to CC, but my internet was down for 2 weeks, and I did not know another way to get in touch with you. Enjoy the mild Winter, because when Summer comes around you will begging to go back north. lol!!
Hope you get settled in quickly.

TheDana said...

Welcome to the warm(er) south! We're actually having a bit of a cool spell here in FL at the moment :D I like my sweaters! :D

I've been checking the blog forever now it seems waiting to hear from you again! Glad you all made it safely. Don't overtax yourself with those boxes! I know it's a big job, but you'll get through it!

I'm excited to see pictures too!

Welcome home!