Monday, November 3, 2008

Calling All Pinks

I'm answering Jeny's pink challenge today. I must say that nearly everything in my home that blushes in any shade of rose is of Lily. I just don't gravitate towards pink. But Lily LOVES pink, and as mother of three sons...I love that I can bring pink into my home.

Lily loves her pink camera. And boy, does she have an eye for detail!

I see pink toes peeking out of the pink blanket I bought for her when she was still waiting for us. We took it to China with us so that she would have something familiar to cuddle when she came to her new home.

This is the pink section of a gorgeous portrait Rob's mother painted of all of my children. She gave it to us on Lily's first birthday home with us. It is a family treasure.

These are some of the pink squares of fabric I've collected from family and friends--and some strangers from adoption groups--to make Lily's 100 Good Wishes Quilt. It's a tradition from Northern China. I have many different colors, but I just pulled out some of the pink ones to show you. Hey, some of you haven't given Lily a square yet. I'm hoping to finish this for her next Gotcha Day (in February). I would love to have an 8 inch square of fabric from each of my family and friends, along with a wish or prayer for her written on a card to go in an album with the quilt. It will be an heirloom for Lily to treasure, to know how wanted and loved she is.


junglewife said...

Hey, I just wanted to say that I will send you some fabric!!! We will be in Bali at the end of January (we hope!) and I will try to get some fabric there and send to you! =)

TheDana said...

I'll have to dig around. I don't think I have much fabric here with me in FL. I may just have to go shopping! :D

We don't do pink around here, except for Kylie, and that's in spurts! :P (teen years are setting in!)

jodyfoznot said...

Dana, I would LOVE a square of fabric from you! Thank-you!!!