Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cardboard Testimonies

::Watch this only if you want to feel so thankful to God for what he can do in a broken person's life::

He uses cracked pots. And we're all cracked pots.

He delights in redeeming prodigals. We have all at one time or another left the side of the Father who loves us to seek out our own desires...and failed.

He loves to lift the humble. If only I will humble my heart in obedience, He will do miracles in my life.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Praising God today,


jeny said...

Hello dearest,

Thank you for your precious prayers. I tried to email you a couple of times, but it keeps coming back to me. Have you changed it?

I wanted to let you know that a little before eight this morning my Grandpa went home to be with Jesus.
Thank you so much for supporting our family with your prayer this week. The power of your prayers was surely felt as Grandpa's anxiety seemed to lessen. He had a beautiful morning yesterday with Mom and Grandma and was able to think clearly and speak with them.

We don't yet know when the funeral will be held as there are several out of state family members who need time to come home.

I love you.


silent_ramblings said...

the kids have set up their blogs!
J is flyingninjamonkeys-jmb.blogspot and K is thedolphinrider-kpb.blogspot

I've already set them up to follow the boys blog. :D