Monday, June 30, 2008

Lieutenant Fasnacht

It's official!

THE letter:

Taking the oath of office:

The children behaving so well and witnessing their dad step into a new role as an officer in the United States Navy:

Anchors aweigh! Open sea ahead!

Next dock: Rob will be leaving in September for Officer Development School and then Chaplaincy Training. That's only two months away!

A Seth story for ya'll: the final paperwork and swearing-in took about 45 minutes, and the above picture of the children behaving like angels lasted all of 10 minutes (which is still pretty good), but it didn't take long for Seth to turn his engines to full throttle. As we were leaving, I sighed with relief that the recruiter's office was still intact. I said good-bye and thank-you and turned my attention back to my children, who suddenly numbered only three. Then Lily piped up, "Mommy, Sethie has a revolver." (I didn't even know she knew that word.) And sure enough Seth had slipped into a neighboring office and was playing with an antique revolver--was it real? I couldn't tell--that was sitting on someone's bookshelf.

Can anyone please tell me why I have so many gray hairs????


jeny said...

I was just re-reading the second to the last post and was just about to leave a comment asking how his interview went. I just had to tell you that. Now I need to read your new post. I'll be right back ;)

jeny said...

What a wonderful thing! Congratulations ;)
Rob looks so happy taking his oath. And the kids are so serious in this photo. I wish I could have seen Seth sneaking off to check out that cool revolver!

I love you dear.

silent_ramblings said...

That Seth is amazing. He must be super at egg hunts! Does he find all the hiding spots for Christmas gifts too? You should have him turn his talents to finding those lost socks the dryer seems to chew up! What a character! :D