Friday, May 23, 2008


I've taken Jeny's yellow challenge. I'm not nearly as good at creating still-life shots as Jeny is. This is more photojournalistic. This is what my day today looks like.

This is the children's new pet, whom Caleb named Chrys--short for chrysalis, hinting towards his future state of being--and the magnifying glass they use for observation.

A rare, unplucked dandelion from my yard. What's so rare about it? Like I said, it's unplucked. The children lovingly bring me handfuls all day, until there are no more left in the yard.

A gorgeous quilted hanging my grandmother made for me. She made one for each of her granddaughters in different colors. She couldn't have chose a better palate for mine. I LOVE it.

Laundry: what I'm doing today, and almost every day. I love to hang it out to dry on sunny days.

Childhood is calling...

Snack of choice

This treasure belonged to my great-grandfather, who loved clocks and collected them. After he passed away several years ago, my great-grandmother held an auction, and my parents bought each of their children one of his clocks. It is a beautiful heirloom.

A little corner of Lily's room.

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jeny said...

Wonderful!! I love it ;) Your photos are great, what are you talking about? You're the photographer, not me.

p.s. may I post a couple of pictures of your kids from the park?

love love love you