Friday, February 22, 2008

Two Cuties

I just had to share this picture of my youngest two with you. Church was about to start, and I was trying to get all four kids and all the materials I needed for the science project we were doing in children's church out the door. I glanced at everyone and marked off my mental checklist: 8 feet, 8 shoes all on the correct feet--check. Hair combed--check. Faces cleaned from breakfast--check. Acceptable church clothes--check. And that's when I took a second glace at Seth and Lily, put down all the children's church supplies and got my camera. They were simply too delectable not to capture on film. Caleb and Gabe looked cute too, but they were already out the door before I returned with the camera.


jeny said...

Oh just look at you two! How absolutely prcious. I just want to squeeze you so tightly!!!
Jody, I'm sorry I haven't responded to either of your last two posts. I sat here weeping while reading them and felt I needed time to reflect before words just jumbled out of my brain. I wept remembering your journey to Lily and how happy I am that she has such an amazing forever family. Can it really be two years already?
I wept for happiness (and a little melancholy - I cannot lie)with the answer the Lord has for you in the direction he wants to take your family. You and Rob are so faithful, a real example to me of a Godly couple (and family) earnestly searching for God's will. I knew that He would lead. Even though you have such a mountain ahead of you, it must be such a relief to know where you are going. I am so happy for you my dearest friend. Please let me know if there is anything we can do to help you get to your goal.
I love you!

silent_ramblings said...

awww....they're so adorable! a pair to melt any mama's heart :D

grandma Carol said...

HI jody,
I JUST LOVE READING LAMPOST FTICKERING. I go to it every day just to see if there is anything new. Can you e-mail the picture to me or grandpa? I JUST LOVE IT.
I PREAYER FOR YOU,Rob and the kids everyday WE LOVE YOU
God Bless
grandma CAROL