Thursday, September 20, 2007

Little Cherub

I am such a sucker for chubby cheeks! Maybe it's because each of my children was born with soft, so, so kissable jowls. Even Lily. A month after we began pursuing Lily, a dear friend left for China to adopt her own sweet daughter from Lily's orphanage. Lily wasn't there, but the orphanage director told my friend that Lily was doing great and "has a fat face." I love it. Thank-you, Lord, for chubby cheeks.

Take a look at the cheeks on this little sweetheart. Oh my word, she makes my heart flip! She was born on April 24, 2006. What a fun age she is right now, toddling all over the place, I'm sure getting into everything. I bet she keeps her nannies hopping. She was born in China, and she is listed as "Lisa" with Adoption House. You can see her here:

Her personality is described this way: "Lisa is a happy, extroverted child. She is active and enjoys being kissed. She likes to listen to music and will sometimes dance along. She also enjoys playing games, playing outside, and playing with colorful toys."

Is there a family out there for this precious one? She loves to be kissed; surely someone out there has some extra kisses to share.


silent_ramblings said...

Several ladies in the church here are in the process of adopting from China. So far only one has come "home". Sometimes I wish we were called to do this! Maybe someday...

jodyfoznot said...

I have to work really, really hard to keep my emotions in check. Especially when I see a child's file get passed over and returned to China. I think, gee, how hard would it be to make just one more pb&j at lunchtime and tuck one more sleepy person under covers at night? If only it could be that's the getting them here part that's hard...but definitely worth it. :o)